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Tommy Adaptive Clothing Line

Updated: Jun 30

I recently discovered Tommy Hilfiger's 'Tommy Adaptive' clothing line, and quickly bought a pair of jeans, a pair of chino pants, and a long sleeved dress shirt. After trying on every piece multiple times I have created reviews and benefits for each individual clothing item.

Tommy Hilfiger's Adaptive Jeans


These jeans have the look and feel of classic Tommy blue jeans without the hassle of zippers and buttons. This is definitely my personal favorite of the Tommy Adaptive Clothing line and I wear them multiple times a week. These jeans make it a lot easier and faster to get ready; they're a breeze to put on with a magnetic strip rather than dealing with a traditional zipper.There is also a Velcro strip instead of a hard-to-get button.

Tommy Adaptive jeans have many helpful features to make getting ready much easier.


  • Magnetic zipper and Velcro fly are made to look like regular jeans.

  • Machine washable

  • The waist is adjustable with internal buttons.

  • Hidden Buttons allow the hem to be shortened by four inches.

Get On Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/2SccAOT

Tommy Hilfiger's Adaptive Chino Pants


Classic Tommy Hilfiger chino style is available in different cuts to cater to a wide variety of needs. They are also available in six different colors ranging from traditional khaki to mint green. I typically look for chinos with the hook and ladder closure because it is easier than using a button closer to manage one handed. Thankfully, The Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Chino Pants have a magnetic fly and Velcro interior closure with a decorative button at the top. The lower pant legs have breakaway exterior seams to allow braces to be put on and taken off while still maintaining a stylish straight legged chino look. The interior waist can be adjusted to a smaller size so no belt is needed. The one down side is that these pants are not wrinkle resistant.


  • Magnetic zipper and Velcro fly are made to look like regular Pants.

  • Machine washable.

  • The waist is adjustable with internal buttons.

  • Hidden Buttons allow the hem to be shortened by four inches.

  • Magnets at the bottom of the pants to accommodate leg braces.

Get On Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/31FJw5z

Tommy Hilfiger long sleeved button up


Tommy Hilfiger designs its clothing with adaptability in mind to make getting dressed up easier. Oxford shirts are a great look to dress up jeans or chinos but buttoning traditional shirts and patterns one handed can be challenging and time consuming. This line of oxfords features magnetic interior closure with exterior buttons. A few items of note- the shirt is 100% cotton so it gets wrinkled and needs ironing or sprayed with Downy Wrinkle releaser. Also important to note-the top two buttons are regular buttons and the button down collars are not magnetic. But, the cuffs of the shirts have a magnetic closure! The shirts are more of a slim fit so definitely size up when ordering.


  • Magnetic closure on the front of the shirt and cuffs with exterior buttons so it looks like a traditional shirt

  • Machine washable; 100% cotton

  • Very easy to get dressed quickly with one hand and no struggling with button closures.

Get On Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/2H6XHaf

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