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'Cook Helper': One-Handed Cutting Board

I recently purchased the One Handed ‘Cook-Helper’ cutting board from Amazon. I've reviewed other cutting boards, but this one combines all of the best elements of my past cutting board reviews. The Cook Helper was invented by a stroke survivor and is specifically designed for individuals with limited to no use of a hand and amputees. The Cook Helper comes with a one-handed peeler, a grater holder, and my favorite, fixing clamps. Peeling one-handed can be difficult and dangerous. The one-handed peeler is securely mounted on the cutting board and ensures maximum safety. The bottom of the cutting board has four suction cups to keep the cutting board from moving. Another perk that comes with the Cook Helper is a grater holder. Like peeling, grating one-handed can be really difficult and dangerous. With the Cook Helper, I purchased, the grater is not included in the kit but I can add my own. There is an upgraded version that includes a grater. My favorite thing about the Cook Helper is the fixing clamps. All you need to do is adjust the clamps to whatever you cut. It makes cutting vegetables one-handed less frustrating and much safer. Simply secure the item with the clamps and use your knife to cut. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! The Cook Helper also comes with a holder for when you need to spread toppings. The holder keeps your bread secured while spreading your favorite butter, peanut butter, or jam. No more sliding all over a plate or the kitchen counter. The Cook Helper is the perfect prep station to cut, slice, and spread securely and safely. Yes, this is on the pricier side of cutting boards, but if you or anyone that you know has trouble in the kitchen due to limited or non-use of a hand, I highly recommend this product to aid in independence.

*The Cooker Helper is dishwasher safe*

Find it on Amazon here:

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