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One-Handed Broom

Updated: Jun 25, 2020


Sweeping and cleaning up messes can be challenging one-handed. Typical dust pans are not designed to be help in place with your foot, and traditional brooms work best with two hands to get the proper sweep angle to be efficient. WISP one-handed broom is designed specifically for one-handed users. Bristles are electrostatically charged to ensure that most dust, hair and debris is picked up in just one sweep. The bristles are cut straight and not at an angle which helps in keeping the broom stable when sweeping. The dustpan is designed to handle foot presure, so all that you need to do is put a foot on the dust pan to make sure that you get all of the debris. You can attach the dustpan to the broom for simple storage. You can also adjust this broom from 29"to 51" to accommodate the different heights of users.


  • Lighweight and durable

  • Step-on dustpan

  • Adjustuble

  • Easy wall storage

  • Electratically charged bristles

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