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Hickies Tie-Free Laces

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Hickies Tie Free Laces are the perfect substitution for shoelaces. If you are struggling with tying your own shoes, then you need to give these a try since they allow you to make any shoe instantly lace free! The laces fit all shoes sizes, so no need for you to worry if they will fit. They also are coming out with all kinds of different colors! If your laces break within 6 months of their original date of purchase, Hickies will replace them free of charge.

But my Brace wont fit in my shoe?

No Worries. Hickies has 8 different lacing options, so you can customize the fit to your shoe. I would recommend the loose fit if you are using a AFO brace in your shoe. If you are having trouble setting up the laces, you can click here to see a video on how to lace them, or you can comment down below.

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