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Etac Safety Cutting Board

Updated: Jan 24, 2022


I recently purchased the Etac Safety Cutting Board from I’ve reviewed a cutting board before, but this one is specifically designed for holding the knife in place to easily cut food. This cutting board has a non-slip bottom and tall knife guides to ensure the safety of the user. The product is made of sturdy white plastic that can easily be cleaned; although I do not know if it is dishwasher safe, it is certainly easy to clean with soap and water. The moveable guide can adjust to provide more depth, so you can cut anything from bread to cherry tomatoes. Make sure to place the device on a dry surface to prevent slipping and movement, especially if the object you are cutting is thick and requires more pressure. A 12-inch bread knife works well. You need a knife with a long blade to stabilize between the two knife guides.

The packaging is simple. The Wright Stuff sends you an email receipt with a tracking ID number that allows you to track the package.

Get Cutting Board Here:

The Wright Stuff Here:

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